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Automated Analysis For Credit Risk

The ideal solution for banks and financial institutions

We’ve created a platform for banks and financial institutions that streamlines bank statement analysis, detects fraud and eliminates human error.

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Automated Analysis

One-click analysis. Bankr’s algorithms instantly review all transactions and flag suspicious activity; eliminating any possibility for human error.

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Custom Reports

Key metric and transaction flagging reports. We tailor our calculations and reports to the needs of your Credit and Compliance teams.

Transforming Traditional Analysis

Through bank statement analysis Bankr automates manual checks performed by Credit and Compliance teams

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Fraud Detection

Combat e-statement manipulation. Bankr instantly identifies any statement that has been tampered with.

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Simple Integrations

Our platform is designed to integrate with other systems. We can incorporate our data within any approval legacy approval process that is already in place.

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Over 50 Supported Bank Statement Formats

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